September 18, 2009

Program is on...

Long time folks! Nah, not here to philosophize but just to give a small hint that I am still alive and kicking, although ‘barely alive’ sounds more appropriate. Of course it’s not like I could kick the bucket anytime but still I could always do with a breather now and oft to keep myself going.

I had plans to go around Copenhagen, visit some wonderful sites, click them all and post it here but, whew, I seem to get entangled in a web of assignments and presentations. I am now enjoying the meaning of Full-Time MBA, it’s full time indeed. Like my Dean insists, “The Full-Time MBA Program is on. Yep ladies and gentlemen, know what you are doing, because as soon as you wake up the Program is on!”

Being doing some work related sight seeing lately and it’s wonderful. But I guess it would be more wonderful if I get to put work aside. Looking forward to putting up some great pictures. But I need my break first.

But its all about studying and bringing forth a great result. An output worth cherishing. “We want you to become a better man,” goes the Dean. “Find out the difference between you between this year and the next year.” Looks like to me he wants to know the Δ-You (delta You) and measure yourself after a year. Some differentiation; and I thought we were done with dy(ou)/dt’s in our Engg. classes.

See you around folks. Good luck to you all. Got a class in a while. Please don’t mind if you don’t see much of me in here 'cos “The Program is on!”



  1. DO well man, I have been wondering where you're gone. So the program is on, we will wait to read how you have done ...

  2. Hey, I hope you are fine there. So it is your time to whine about being busy with assignments?

    Do well there.

  3. Hey
    Good to see that picture of yours, though I had to squint.I assumed you were busy since you went quiet.
    All my wishes and prayers.
    Missing you around here and there :P


  4. Hey Tongyal, after a long time here you are. Looks like you are getting busy by the day. I hope your claims of being busy are real though hehe. Enjoy and enjoy like never before. But don't forget to submit your assignments on time mey wai. Hehe...

    Keep us posted.

  5. hehe yeah folks. As busy as hell. I do try to peek in a bit into your sites when I feel like taking a breather so you guys keep writing. I will try writing something during weekends, but they normally expect us to use that to read and prepare for the class following week. Sheesh!

    Take care all, and have fun.

  6. I like the chillip woman's pose, second person to your left :P

    Also, who's the tallest in the pic? I can vote for two of them..and the shortest? You might feature somewhere in that list :P

    BTW, being busy is no good excuse for not writing. I hope, you start writing furiously once you are well settled there. Good Luck!