December 11, 2009

Miss Blogging

Yoo hoo, guys, surprise, surprise! How have you all been keeping? Or do I have a reader at all, now that I disappeared into thin air and seemed never to return? Anyway, it always feels homely to be back and be able to know that you have all the time in the world to write things you want to and not feel obligated or fear the consequences of being graded, and being graded low at that (which would hint I have failed miserably).

Blogging, believe you me, is a lot easier than actually writing for exams. I don’t have to worry about negative or non-constructive feedback. If he or she thinks badly of my article(s) then it’s probably because he or she has a poor taste of readership or has a brain tinier than the tiniest bugs around. But damn, I do not have the luxury of enjoying the same muse with regard to the academic papers I write. If the teachers think I suck then I am doomed, despite their poor sense of judgement and yet again the tiny brains housed inside their guiness-record-breaking thick skulls.

Okay, forgive my stupid thought. Was just checking my voice-box. You know a singer’s voice is always rusty when he sings again after a long gap. Or how a car sputters when turned on after days of non-use. Talk about crankiness and I need to work on my page too. Give a face lift perhaps. But I suck at creativity! Still not an excuse enough not to try. Yet I ‘ll suffice myself by what my teachers have taught me from the time I could distinguish words; “Never judge a book by its cover.” Phew, more and more excuses. If excuses were drops of water mine would put the pacific to shame.

Now the good news is there are loads of good blogs my friends are following and I am beginning to enjoy them. It’s cherishing to read these enriching blogs and we are surely in for a great treat. A shame I ever missed that treat.

Whew, okay, that was not very hard to blab! And to say, some think blogging is really hard! HaHa.


  1. Yeah, not very hard to blab. It should actually be a picnic for you to blab considering you have a big nut inside your skull while we have teeny weenie ones inside our record breaking thick skull. LOL. Welcome Back!


  2. I cannot stop laughing reading your posts and as it does always, makes my day. By the way, I am safely back home with two other two friends as the project partners. I am sorry I could not find time to say hello to you.

    Any ways, keep up blogging and of course good luck in your studies!

    Great weekend haed!

  3. You took a long vacation from blog just get low grade? Come on man you shouldn't be flirting on Facebook either!
    Anyway I am happy you are back. As of readers, we are always here waiting for you.

    I hate exams, will never do one!

  4. Tx hh :)
    Nice hearing from you YLT. We will meet in Bhutan definitely.
    hehe Passu, stuggling to get low grades, 'cos I prefer it more to grades in 'red'.
    See you around.

  5. Aww mala mala na giney la. You blab good though...