July 23, 2009

Life goes on...

Waking up I sensed today was a day that changed my life but I just could not put it to place. Not my birthday. Not even my graduation day. Then what? An irony that some stranger should pop into my life to refresh my memory...

The young lad wanted lift so I stopped my car and urged him to hop in. He was smiling at me but I could tell his eyes spoke tales of trouble. Despite the red eyes, shoddy hair and the ruffled look I guessed he was at least three years younger than I probably would look like after spending 15-20 minutes in front of the mirror.

Getting in he started punching some numbers on his cell phone. ‘Hello!’ A shrilly voice at the other end. A woman! They would shout and then again fine tune their tone as if the situation demanded them to mull on. Then a choke, tears in his eyes…and again redialing. The woman in question probably turned her phone off. He fiddles the numbers again, shouts into it… then again redials. Our eyes meet in the rearview mirror and he tells me it’s his wife. I give him a sad look and he shrugs, as if to say “Women!”

This time I can hear the frustrated calls from the other end. The woman is angry and crying too. She sure can shout because I can hear almost all the words she is telling him. I assumed he didn’t want to listen for he was trying to voice his angry thoughts into the speaker. The last words bring a chill to my spine.

“Ok, if it’s divorce you want, then it’s divorce you will get.”

The man puts off his phone and looks out of the window. I am just a stranger so I don’t say anything. He tells me to stop at the flyover bridge and I abide. Getting out he sends his hand towards his rear where probably lay his wallet. How much? I wave my hand in mock exasperation. Come on! He smiles through his pained face and thanks me profusely. I take 2 seconds to reciprocate and then send myself into the expressway again.

We must agree, not all things are always joyful. Poor chap, he was living the life I lived exactly one year ago.

Happy anniversary!


  1. Women were okay in the past but education has spoiled them ;)

  2. Hehe. I will agree with that, whoever you are Anonymous. My friend tells me never to marry a woman who has done her degree or higher studies. They fight you back in 'English' and render you speechless and helpless. :(

  3. hmmm
    No comments about woman.But to each his own :)
    And had i but time and world enough i will sit and discuss this at length .....

    later ego

  4. guys..don't u think u shud give credit to all those women who have come a long way from "women's place in the kitchen" to now women being educated? its just tht u guys have met the wrong woman! not all the fingers in ur hand are same!

  5. Well, my mom is uneducated and spent all her life in the village. Still, I think she's the best woman in the world I ever met. I am not sure I could say the same if she was educated. I suspect she could have given me enough time. haha. just kidding.

  6. Education half attained can be such, not just in women but all. Educated is an answer to these problems, but we are all almost half-educated. Divorce is the answer now! if things are not going well, don't hang on it brooding on fate, just let go and move forward...maybe there is nothing better to go for at all but moving forward is all we can do.

  7. I am not less than that boy who took ride in your backseat... you have moved forward, I am not sure if you are happier now...the boy there moved forward, i am not sure if he is happier...I am a coward. I feel I may be able to right these wrongs here and try to happy than go for something I don't know at all...the moving forward.

  8. Umm, I hope my readers do not misconstrue my humble projection of a divorced life as a manner to exhibit male chauvinism in here. But the comments are interesting. Thank you.

    Well, PaSSu I wasn't any better than that backseat lad myself. Letting go was the best thing one could have ever done. I will not say I am happier now but you must know I am very happy at the moment to be what I am now :)No one's a coward when it comes to marriage. I guess the affection keeps one from taking odd steps, but when things just won't go straight you might as well take the bend.

    But hey, the secret would be, Never looking back! And wailing, even in doing so. :)