July 5, 2009

The World without Engineers

While surfing, I bumped across images depicting the world without engineers. Why don't you see for yourself and decide if you agree or not. Incidentally, I could not find any images for 'World without electrical engineers' so I took the liberty of pasting an image from my own collection; hope you 'll agree...

The world without Aeronautic Engineers (Fly baby fly!)

The world without Civil Engineers (Watch Out!)

The world without Communication Engineers (hello? hello? helloooooo?)

The world without Computer Engineers (Count count)

The world without Mechanical Engineers (Drive folks, drive!)

The world without Electronic Engineers

The world without Electrical Engineers (wouldn't the world be just a dark spot?)

My search has not ended here though. I am actually looking for 'The world without Politicians!' If anyone finds it, please let me know.


  1. Politics, n: [Poly "many" + tics "blood-sucking parasites"] ~Larry Hardiman

    So, you can imagine the world without politics :P

  2. I being an electrical engineer, I liked the dark spot; but I guess we dont require lighting systems in the day light. We dont require electric lights, when we go romantic and dine in candle lights!!

    anayways jokes apart, i guess we illuminate the world; the cocks have frogotten to crow early morning......... since electricity had made day and night inseparable!!!

  3. Jambo,
    Now which cock are you referring to?

  4. Probably a mix-up with French. A coq (pronounced coc, cock, or however you want to write it) is a rooster. Hence why it would crow