July 1, 2009

Of marriage and marriages

Hehe. Who enjoys being lambasted on personal issues, even if it comes from a high chair? I can see my readers are not so happy about it.

Anyway, I got to my friend’s lair and there they were. I would be the sixth man. Four of them are married. One has a girlfriend. I am as single as the first digit of the set of natural numbers. The PM’s words rang loud and clear to me. You could tell I wasn’t enjoying as much this game of marriage as I used to before.

Why should I? First thing’s first, those married folks will have to get rid of their phones! Four men are struggling to keep up with their cards in hand and at the same time attend the calls from their better halves. My goodness, you can really grit on the patience (or impatience) of a woman. You let the first ring go by and they won’t even rest a few seconds to call him for the second, third and so forth time. They won’t have it until you pick up the damned phone.

I look at my cards and shake my head. They aren’t going to bring me any of the stakes to my pockets. Just not my day. Then I look at my friends who have to walk out of the room turn by turn to answer their wives (they probably don’t want us to hear the God-knows-what-kind-of-lectures they get). Yeah, you could tell I wasn’t enjoying as much this game of marriage as I used to before. Why can’t those wives give a little time over a weekend for their friend? I let them have their husbands to themselves for the rest of the week… and all of the nights.

Despite my annoyance I can’t help feeling sorry for the girlfriend. Poor girl, she had come all the way to her boyfriend’s place to have a cozy day and we barge into his house and drag him for a game of cards. She would be annoyed with us but, such a good friend she is, the best she can do is smile at us and take our leave. Now, if I have to feel sorry for the poor girlfriend, then I ought to feel sorry for the wives too. What do I know of family issues? Why am I single at the first place? Perhaps I have a lot to learn about married life. Most importantly, to understand women. Yes, if let alone, we men could bring chaos to a family. Not a good breed of specie who could be allowed to lead themselves astray.

I need to get my conscience straight yet again. Why break a family to keep one friend? Dear wives, fight for your rights. Fight for your family. Fight that sole enemy in your house, your husband. Discipline him. Fear not, even the Prime Minister is behind you.


  1. hehehe...kurrect! Fight women fight! Even the PM is right behind you...fear not ..despair not for truth is truth and truth is simple.

    Well written kota and the humor is unbeatable. Let all in despair smile for once and give the writer the due praise he so deserves. Hail Tongyal!

  2. marriage isnt my cup of tea so cant say much on both.
    But enjoyed the read on a boring afternoon :)


  3. I commented with a long sentence, but the net abruptly aborted. I guess the wives and husbands were quarreling and the line/net was disconnected...... wow marriage!!

  4. I must confess I ended up calling my husband at least three times that day. And I have repeatedly spoken to all of you about how I despise this game. So you gotta understand me. Despite your effort to make it sound light, I can see that you really felt irritated. I had no lecture for my husband but you must know that educated men have better ways to spend their time. I always wonder why women don't have to play that stupid game to get together. I think I wanna write an article on it now. I will if my interest doesn't dwindle. Nice weekend.

  5. Hehe Kuenza. Believe me, your's was the least number of calls made. I am proud, you are, among many, still a liberal wife. But that only shows the love and care they have for their husbands. What touched me more was the fact that everytime my friends got a call they kind of twitched; a sign of fear wrought out of sheer respect for the wife. Now now, only love, and only true love, is capable of wrenching out such emotions in a husband. If at all I may dare to share, you wives are a lucky bunch! :)