June 13, 2009

Chat baby chat...

Who says chat has all the taboos associated with it? It’s a killer. It wastes your time. Leads to eye-sore and wrist pains. Well these are the common beliefs around. I beg to differ. If I am not chatting then I am lying on my bed, after a heavily stuffed dinner, and watching television for 5 hours at a stretch.

You ask me what the chat world has brought to me. It has brought me friends. Improved my English. Above all, the superfast typist that I have become is worth showing off. Not to forget it has also given me a nice paunch. The bifocals they made me buy too. But who cares; television would also have given me bad eyes and big belly anyway, but not the friends I get to enjoy.

More than 8 years into the Bhutanese chat world and I have fallen in love with 3 women. You think that's cheap? 8 women have fallen for me which makes it an average of a different woman every year. 4 guys have fallen for me too. I must have been a wonderful chatter using girlish nicks and acting one. Well of course, I just go steady with only 2 of these girlfriends and 3 of my boyfriends currently (girls get bored easily). I never met them, and never plan to either. And I am sure they suspect the real me too; but while we are at it, we are enjoying the cyber whims and fancy.

I must say 8 years is quite some time. It moulds you well and helps you blend with the air and be a good chatter. No wonder, the women I meet in the world cannot help wishing I was a tad younger than I say my age is (I must sound an old man, but very interesting to let go). Then there are those who wish I was a lot older so that it would do justice for them old women to flirt with me. Then these frustrating boys who can’t help wishing I would give them my number and say yes to their coffee dates. Best of all I enjoy girls wishing they had met me before, much before they got married or engaged.

Whew, the charms of chat! But if you ask me, I can’t help wishing either…that I was half the man I portray myself to be in there!

(Disclaimer: Though depicted as fun it will be unwise for students to take up chatting seriously because one could put one’s career at stake. Same goes to office goers. Too much can be dangerous. Just like water; it may be a life-force, but you can still drown in excess of it)


  1. Oh okay. So you fell in love with some few people and vice versa but how does that make you a Tongyal? ;)

    Despite the enjoyable read, I personally feel people should spend time on learning new things than spend it chatting with strangers. Improving English and typing speed are the most common lame excuses hehe.. But I guess its all a matter of individual perspective. If you are happy doing what you do, we are happy for you too :)

    And how can you be sure that the three women you fell in love with are not men in disguise as you were to some men who fell in love with you? LOL

  2. Familiarity wanes charm and anonymity bonds the trickling relationship. I have had my share of few funs .I usually don’t take the fun beyond the virtual room. Yet it is a tough battle with few and right now I am fighting a tough battle and breaking my own promises one after another( because the few I met disappointed me terrifically shhh secret LOL).Moreover the nearness wanes the charm and with some I would prefer the friendship last a little longer . However I guess there is end to everything and thus I sigh away at earthly fun. As long as the fun last I groove along. The ride is enjoyable when the friendship is reciprocated at equal intensity and wanes when the passion dies. But yeah one shouldn’t get addicted. Anything done moderately is amusing.
    And Tongyal you sure sound like a Bond.Am I LATE to establish a virtual reality with you? LOL


  3. A section of stupid chat :
    (Guest40042) Hoo
    (savage) hi
    (Guest40042) CTC
    (Guest40042) Lets talk about sex baby
    (savage) woooo
    (Guest40042) haha
    (savage) sorry man, i aint in the mood
    (Guest40042) PLEASE
    (Guest40042) lol
    (savage) lol
    (Guest40042) kidding
    (Guest40042) that was just to jerk u off balance
    (savage) cool
    (savage) ahh, u were nearly sucessful
    (Guest40042) ok
    (Guest40042) i am not amused
    (savage) u dun hav any reason to b amused
    (Guest40042) u sound like sissy
    (Guest40042) Dont tell me i am right
    (savage) nope, u aint
    Guest40042) See as always i hit the bull's eye
    (savage) dhea, wht the heck do u mean?
    (Guest40042) it means you are one SICK fello.........want some more testimony on that?
    (savage) i dun front losers
    (Guest40042) Oh one sees what one is in the mirror dear
    Guest40042 walks out and bangs the door on savage's face until he/she bleeds and wriggles out of hurt.

  4. Guest75326 is mesmarized by the memories that flood his mind.

    C: GUest 26 I understand :P

    Guest75326 wants to say that nothing has abated .. silence is no indication that things have been forgotten .. merely that he is adamant to stand firm by his promise.

    c: keeping words could never have been harder in the history of mankind...but life goes on no matter how many skies have fallen

  5. Aha, am I being judged here? hehe. I guess that's what happens esp when we raise an issue that necessarily couldn't be soothing to all. I hoped the disclaimer I put would get me out of trouble, but it seems my effort has been in vain.

    Well, to answer a few questions...when I fall in love, I make sure it is a girl and that she has a girlish voice on the phone and that her pic says she's anything but a deadly looking male with a monolith for a belly (like me). But man, to really ascertain she's a she calls for a biological experimentation which I couldn't even dream of asking. What could I say, "Yo babes, your sharp tone and long hair and protuding boobs won't help, take off your clothes and lemme into the nitty gritty details so that I know for sure that you are a she?" hehe. 'One' of the 1000 ways from 'How to enjoy a slap from a lady'.

    But as for them, I never let them call me, esp the boys (You know why).

    My nick ain't so because of the flings I had. I assure you I have different and more beautiful meanings attached with it.

    Dear P...Like I said, I do very much wish and would do anything within my powers to even be half the man I portray myself to be in the chat rooms. Likewise, I would settle for Ja Bo, instead of James Bond...but woooo...ain't that getting graphic? hehe. Sincere apologies.

    And that chatter, Savage, is pathetic, whoever put it up...but it's nice. Thanks.

    Last but not the least, please tell me what I should do if I want only the latest 3 articles at the max to be showing on the home page, so that the other articles automatically slip into the 'Read More' archive. Somebody, Anybody?

  6. Dear Tongyal
    Smart fello why dont you fiddle around a bit?Too lazy huh.Anway as always let me come to your resque

    Go to "setting",click "formatting" you will find

    Show_______post on the main page,you make changes and save it.
    Good Luch and Good day

  7. Honestly I have never wanted to portray what I am not. And I don't see how there could be an enjoyment in faking yourself. I can't imagine how the number false promises you make there can make you sleep.

  8. Thanks P, I got it.

    Well, as long as false promises do not hurt anyone, but only ignite your own whims and fancy, I tell you Kuenza, I enjoy better sleep. But I respect your principles. Not many who are quite scrupulous about it. ;)

  9. After Chat is a Chat; whether u get stuck on someone or whether someone gets stuck on you is individual's prejudice.

    During my bachelor degree in India, I did chat as a cadre officer, medical student and as a engineer studying in various colleges around the world. The moment I join as Dema, Lhamo or wangmo, I get lot of 'wanna chat dear' from lots of chatters therein, presumably male members.

    So chat baby chat, till you don't become tongyal............hahahaha