June 19, 2009

Corporate pay hike; a dejection

As a kid I cried over the step-sisterly actions showered to Cinderella. The mistreatment by the step-mother to Hansel and Gretel, and of course the terrifying conduct of Snow-White’s step mother. I would look around me and think we are a lucky soul to be in a place where such conducts seem to appear only in fairy tales. Well, reading today’s newspaper (Kuensel: Crumbs off the table?) I am beginning to have doubts.

Months after the government civil servants received their pay hike the corporate employees waited in positive anticipation. But now we feel the pinch because it’s not petals they are thrusting at us, but a bag of thorns. The 15% salary hike, given the affordability of a company, still limits the corporate salary by 5% below the govt. counterparts. And to think the corporate employees enjoyed a 15% overall pay hike before. Why this decline from the profound grandeur?

The govt. gave us a jolt indeed before when they pompously declared that corporate employees were given higher salaries just because they wanted to attract employees for the upcoming new corporations; and now apparently that the corporate offices are filled to the brim the need is deemed no more necessary. That’s belligerent treachery. That’s tricking us. That’s accepting that we were lured just to fill the space and not because the corporate world demands greater work deals and contributions. Then DHI coolly claims on corporate salary hike, “There’s No Hurry!” Instead I would have loved to hear, “We need to hurry; we don’t want our employees to feel left behind. That’s our secret to their motivation!” That’s the justice I would seek. Why wait? Why the delay? Justice delayed is justice denied!

The advent of the new government has only given me the feeling of an encroachment of a step-mother into the lives of the 10,000 corporate employees. I feel corporate employees are somehow, with reasons unknown to many, looked down. This is not development. This is burying alive the motivational skills of the corporate employees; what use are corpses to ‘development’?

I only hope the news in the media was a misprint. But I really know now as to how one feels to be side-stepped; to be treated like a step-brother or a step-son in one’s own land. It’s painful!


  1. The turmoltuous fairy tales of Cinderella and Snowhite were lighted up by hopes of rescuers such as the Prince, the fairy Godmother or even the comforting, bright little animals. But they were fictitious fairy tales afterall. The difference between fictions and reality is that fictions have to make sense...

    In reality and ever since DHI came into existence, all they seem to do is set rules after rules, demanding best work efforts while at the same time, they are looking at all means of cutting down employee costs.

    As a striving to develop third country, theirs seems to have the most primitive approach. And do they make sense at all? I guess not..so long as their paunches are filled.

  2. Tongyal, I share your sentiments also. I too think it is unfair. Your write-up makes so much sense. Why not send it to media and publsih it right out? Because the new govt. and whoever made that decision should hear it and there is no reason for fear man.

    Kudos to you.

    At least you have spoken of numerous frustrations on our behalf.

  3. At first place I dont understand why it took so long to decide? secondly I dont understand the use of Board members and DHI if MoF has to poke in its nose. Or is the DHI playing safe?

    If pay revision is at par with civil servants than we want the benefits and facilities enjoyed by the civil servants; if it is less than civil servants' than I gonna lead my colleagues to the street for a historic march.

    Where is corporate development and promotion? where is motivation?