June 9, 2009


Two old couples prayed in their ramshackle. They prayed when they were kids. They prayed when they had met. They prayed when they married. They prayed from morning till dusk. They prayed until they had grown so old and feeble. Yet again they prayed.
The One whom they prayed for looked down from heavens above. Angels danced and sang around Him in utter praise. All music sounded in despair whenever the couples made their prayers heard. The angels pranced at the din, deemed it soothing.
“Praise thee, O’Lord that Who knows all. Tell us what the couple prays about. ”
The Great one peeked from his throne to the hut below.
“The couple reminisces about how their love grew with age and cannot separate. But if they must die, the woman prays she go first for she loves him too much to bear his loss and live in his absence.”
“Oh, how touching,” the angels wept. “Pray tell us what the old man thinks.”
“The old man prays she die first.”
“But did You not say they loved each other equally,” cried the angels in unison, “Now why should he want her to die first? Very selfish, very selfish!”
“My children,” boomed the Great One, “Judge him not, for he loves his wife just as she loves him. He knows he will suffer a lot to miss the woman but knows better that she would suffer the loneliness more were he to die first. He prays they live and die together, but were it not to happen he prays she dies first for he doesn’t want her suffering the pangs of solitude he would suffer!”

"Then what plans have You for them?"
"Why, I shall douse their candles together!"


  1. Nice...Did you write that for sure? And where's the first article about your wishful love rules which you knew, would suffer a thrashing from the greats like me? Hehe


  2. For me to post and for you to find out dear love.
    Regarding the first post, I was just testing it. I had already posted it in some other blog.
    What I found out is that you let your muse carry on a wee bit more and the article gets too long. Good thing is you can write less in here and it still becomes long enough. Trouble again...conveying the message. Lotsa challenge I foresee in here...esp for a drag like me. Lets see.
    Thanks. Whats hh? her holiness? LOL

  3. That is the problem I face too. A short article appears too long in here.