June 25, 2009

Keeping up with your resolutions

Got nothing much to do? You better follow up with your new year’s resolution. I remember sitting down one of the last days of 2008 and planning up my 2009. Then I remember tearing up two pages and penning something that would be simpler and easier to follow. I am embarrassed, but I shall share what was going inside my brainy head. For a man who is just better than an ant ( just in size though; how I wish I had its working capability), I can’t help marveling at myself that I came up with a dozen new year's resolutions. Lets read them and see my progress…

1) Finish a novel every two weeks (be a member first at JDW National Library)
Okay, I read 'Last man Standing' and 'Saving Faith', both by David Baldacci. I remember reading two more (got to check). That makes 4 books in 27 weeks. I was supposed to do 13 at the least. What a disappointment :(. I am not a member in that Library yet.

2) Prioritize your job responsibilities.
Whatever in God’s name did I intend by that? If only I was 6 months younger, I might still have those energy I seemed to have.

3) Stop beer or hard drinks.
Hah, you wish! Okay, it’s been some months with the hard drinks…but beer…umm…you know… socializing parties, gatherings…

4) No playing cards.
You got it! Not enough pocket money anyways. And with the 15% increase I better concentrate on things I spent thinking there would be a minimum 35% raise. By the way, however do you squeeze a 35 out of 15 to repay your debts?

5) Go meet a family every weekend.
Hmmm, need to get their contact numbers again. Man, I must really be turning into a loner.

6) Stop watching TV after 9:30pm
I must have meant 1:30 am

7) No druknet chat.
Let’s postpone it to 2010. I have some girlfriends there who can’t be dumped just like that (Being RUDE is not one of my resolutions).

8) No hurried eating. Eat slow and chew properly.
Hehe…I must have jotted that in purview of my emblazoning growth sideways. If at all, I have grown fatter; so I must be eating faster and chewing improperly. Check!

9) Stop wasting too much time on the internet (care for your eyes).
Not much help there too (but my eyes are fine for the time being).

10) Plan your living well.
I must have meant ‘get married again’. You know the plans involved in a rowdy bachelor’s life otherwise. Or next time I need to draft my resolution(s) in simple english.

11) Smile more often than naught.
I like that. Remember, only 13 muscles in place of 50. Salary hike is not helping much these days though.

12) Don’t waste time!!! Do something worthwhile!!!
I need to relook into the definition of ‘wasting time’ again. Either I am doing my best now or helping to waste your time also.

And that’s all. I must have been really serious while jotting them down, but now I get this gut feeling I need to get my conscience straight. Check your resolutions and see if you are keeping up with them. If you are then good for you. If not, lessen the number of your resolutions for next year, and make sure you use simple English. Good Luck!


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  2. I quote "keeping words could never have been harder in the history of mankind...but life goes on no matter how many skies have fallen"

  3. My new year resolution was to date a boy a month.Did i fulfll that?No,i guess good boys arent as plently as pebbles on the bank.

  4. Well a promise should be like an old shrewd man who is “adamant to stand firm by his promise” to pick a gal every weekend and take them on spree- Shrunken yet energetic and slyly sneak away in right time. And as clever as a young gal’s soul playing hides and seeks with innocence façade.Who should be watching an individual? One is always in a glass case though.

  5. HI all.

    KC...you probably wrote something very displeasing for my eyes/ears and deleted 'em off. It's good in a way hehe. 'Hurting someone' should be no-one's resolution. Trust you are doing good.

    Anon1...I like that quote. life has to go on...

    Anon2...That is not a resolution. That's a fetish you cannot keep up with in an otherwise humble and innocent nation like ours. hehe.

    Anon3...you said it. Next year I shall have more resolutions and break them like a kid would stone at thousand bottles to smithereens. ;)

  6. This is life; resolutions and promises are always made and been broken. Where is the charm otherwise? Every year my resolution is to “quit smoking” and did I do that?
    Anyway nice chatty article

  7. Mr. Tongyal,

    I guess all the anonymous commentators are your sweet hearts, so I dont want to over rule them.............wooooooooooooo

  8. Right P... writing 'quit smokin'itself is a will within you which you will fulfil one fine day. That day wont be long. Just don't forget to keep putting it up in ur resolution every year. I quit after a strenous 12 years saga. And I smoke on and off but not as daily or even weekly. Once in a blue moon. You can do that too.

    Oi, lobey Anon...I wish they were. SOme of them could be deadly looking male gorillas also mena? I can't take chances with that. hehe. lapsey..thanks all.


  9. Some eye sore with the lines which brought fresh reminders to the first commentator the epic love story of two OPs.Wimbleton and telecom .

  10. Woi woi...what's the last comment all about? I love love-stories so if Anon will be kind enough to be explicit. But if it concerns privacy I am afraid we need to respect some stuffs. But I am intrigued by Wimbleton/(don?) and telecom thing.
    Good day all.