June 15, 2009

GNH and Banks?

This evening I stood in the never-moving line at one of the Banks in Thimphu. Believe me I have seen snails move faster. However, for a big-eyed man like me, slow pace in a Bank of all places is welcome. You get to see myriad people of different ages, genders, caste, creed, you name it… But one thing struck me as common - the bored look on their faces. Why so? Maybe it’s an answer to why money matters just wouldn’t make anyone happy. You ask about me, I could be the most serious client a bank has ever seen walk in.

Above all what I caught sight of the employees themselves chimed in me as most interesting. If there are any serious people than me then it was them. It’s almost 4 PM and they can’t wait to put the ‘CLOSED’ tag above their counter sill. I looked at the one in front of me. He seemed weary of the things around him. He was giving me this weird look. Was he shouting, “Why don’t you buzz off, it would be 4 PM any second for goodness sake!” to himself?

But I stood on. Instead I let my mind drift from the man in the counter to the aspects of achieving GNH. Was it possible for them employees? Everyday they deal with chunks of money, something most of them (and me for sure) would never make in their lifetime. Happiness is all about fulfilling their desire(s). You see that amount of money floating around you and you just cannot help wishing you could lay your hands on all of it. The thought of just not being able to amass that would add up to loads and loads of frustrations.

Look at me for instance. I have a small job. I don’t deal with cash on any moments of the day and at the end of the month I happily walk away with a decent sum. I have nothing to compare it with so I am happy. These employees have a house full of money in there and they know all they get is actually a drop in their Bank’s ocean. So these wants and desires could linger on…and GNH for them sounds like a far cry from realization.

But I could be wrong!

I don’t want to be rich. I just want some money so that I can buy anything I want! ;-)


  1. wolo daroo
    I dont want to be rich for i am rich enough to shower the whole world with my love :)

  2. When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes - Henry Miller

  3. "You see that amount of money floating around you and you just cannot help wishing you could lay your hands on all of it."
    When I saw this line, I couldn't help think of the movie, "Mad Money."

    Happiness fly out of your window, when you compare yourself with someone above you and think you have nothing as much as he does. So it is good you don't compare.

  4. Well written man!! If u don't compare with anyone then I guess you should be happy enough. It is said that happiest man need not have the best of all, rather he who makes best use of things he has. Happiness is a state of mind. We see happiness in the face of Buddha. Anyways all these things are debatable.